Yellow Lab Leaps Face First Into Giant Pile of Leaves in 3-Minute Compilation Video


One of the best things about being a little kid is jumping in huge piles of leaves as Summer comes to an end.

As adults, we can’t deny that still sounds like a good time, and a silly yellow lab named Stella got in on the action herself.

Stella is an energetic and friendly dog that loves to spend time outside with her favorite humans.

Her owner created a massive leaf pile near the front door from all fallen leaves on their property.

This video compilation shows Stella jump into the pile, and she willingly goes headfirst. It’s as if she’s swimming through the brown, golden, and orange leaves as they scatter around her.

We can’t get over how funny, and cute the slow-mo shots of her leaping into the piles are.

Stella can’t control herself as she flies straight into the pile and immerses herself from snout to tail.

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