From the facial expressions of this cat father, you can see how tired he is of his paternal responsibilities


Everyone knows for sure how difficult it is to be a parent. And it does not matter who you are, human or cat.

Maine Coon, popularly known as the Joker, has a great understanding of how to raise his own boys. She recently had four beautiful kittens.

You just have to see these miracles. Their family is simply wonderful.

Recently, the father of this family entertained his followers a lot. His owner published a picture, which went viral instantly.

In fact, many knew the cat and felt so sorry for it. The reason for that is that in the picture he looks really tired.

The famous Maine Coon also surprises the public. Fans are delighted with its size.

The owner of the cat mentioned that it is quite difficult to keep such an animal, because the big cat likes to eat a lot of food, so he has to cook very often.

Users often say that the cat’s face has a very human-like expression. He always looks at the people around him lazily and with considerable contempt, many of whom are simply astonished. Maine Coon’s father loves his little cats. He licks them well, plays with them,after that they go to sleep in their special basket.

After a hard day, the famous father cat can finally lie down on his couch. It just reminds me of a real big family, full of daily worries, affairs and care of course.

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