They rescued him from the “worst zoo” , after which he knows what freedom really is


We hear so many stories about animals daily.

Unfortunately, along with the happy stories, there are animals with rather sad and cruel story, about whom we also have to talk and tell in order to condemn such bad deeds.

Often people, consciously or unconsciously, have a very wrong attitude towards animals.

They put a lot of pressure on animals, which can make them quite aggressive and dangerous to the environment.

In fact, everything comes from the attitude of people. Many simply do not realize how badly it can affect them.

Therefore, people’s awareness and high sense of responsibility as a part of the society is also a precondition in this regard.

This story is no exception and tells the story of a lioness named Palestine. The Palestinian lioness lives in the zoo named Rafah, located in southern Gazza Strip.

The zoo keepers decided to take the 14-month-old lion out of its cage, February 12, 2019, so that visitors could play with it.

I think you will agree that this was definitely an inexplicably dangerous step, because we are talking about a wild animal, whose steps can be very unpredictable.

It is also wrong to treat an animal in this way.

This, of course, was condemned as cruelty by activists of animal rights. The owner of the park, Mohammed Juma, said that they did it to reduce the aggression of the Palestinians, and to be more friendly.

But in reality, this was a very risky step for both sides, the consequences of which could be irreversible.

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