Stray kitten runs out of the bushes and into the arms of her new human mom


Cassie was cleaning her horse stalls while at home in California.

When she heard some high pitched noises, she soon realized that they were the ‘meows’ of a stray kitten.

Cassie from California was hard at work cleaning horse stalls when she heard a high pitch noise. But one of her horses knew something ways up.

Running out of the bushes was a calico kitten in distress. The kitten was ‘screaming’ and ran towards Cassie.

The stray kitten was covered in fleas, but Cassie wasted no time taking the little one home to clean her up.

After a bath and some tender, love, and care it was soon obvious that the kitten and Cassie found each other.

The kitten is feisty and very attached to Cassie. And she managed to make friends with the other members of Cassie’s fur family.

Sometimes, that latest addition comes to you when least expected. But when you take good care of them, they never leave your side.

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