Dog rescues tiny kitten after finding her stranded in the rain


How did the dog know how to grab a kitten with its mouth? It looked just like the way a cat would do it.

A lady let her dog out of the house on a rainy day for a bathroom break. The little dog was gone for several minutes.

When she looked outside, she saw her dog coming up the driveway, followed by a small kitten. The dog encouraged the kitten to follow it.

The dog and kitten made it through a puddle and over a step. The next obstacle was a tall threshold. The dog hopped across it.

The kitten was too small to crawl over the threshold. It tried and tried, crying for help with loud meowing sounds when it fell backward.

The dog reached his head out of the door and grabbed the tiny kitten by the scruff of its neck, lifting it over the threshold.

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