Baby and bunnies are having the time of their lives


If you’re looking for an instant smile, this baby and his furry friends are happy to deliver one.

This moment when these ‘hoppy go lucky’ bunnies play with this kid could not be any more perfect to capture on video.

There are plenty of snuggle buddies out there. But this baby has seemed to find them in two rabbits.

They are furry and large in size. But they are a ton of fun.

When one of them hops on over to this little kiddo, that’s when the real fun begins. The baby starts laughing and he handles them very gently.

It’s so nice to see animals being introduced to kids at a very early age. The bond between the two will definitely grow stronger as they get older.

Whether it’s rabbits or dogs, there’s a kid who will always enjoy their company. We as humans and our furry friends deserve each other.

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