A seamstress sewed on a butterfly’s torn wing. The result exceeded all expectations


Nature is simply magnificent and wonderful with all its creatures.

Every element is simply wonderful and delights with its mysterious beauty.

This is just such a wonderful story, one of the countless wonders of nature.

Talented designer with a name Romy McCloskey recently used her art to repair a helpless butterfly’s damaged nest!


The woman grows butterflies, she knows that people treat them very rudely and carelessly.

So these poor creatures need help.

One day her cat broke one of the cocoons while playing in the garden.

It split, and the butterfly appeared with a broken wing. It could not move or fly.

The woman was very broken and sad because of that accident

Then she came up with the bright idea of using her profession to help this creature by giving it a second chance to life.

At first it seems very unbelievable, but what this woman did is just shocking. So she started acting. Her plan was happily succeed.

Romi waited impatiently for the butterfly to fly. What happened next is just seems a miracle.

The next day when she woke up, she saw that the sweet creature was moving, and then she took it out; she had high hopes that it would fly.

Thus, it happened. This wonderful and beautiful creature first checked its surroundings, then rose into the air with its beauty to make nature even more beautiful.

The woman was so surprised and happy. Her extraordinary profession and skills allowed her to help the little one stay alive. This is just a miracle.

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