Tiger kitten snuggling his prized teddy bear will melt your heart


This post will give you 165% of your daily recommended amount of cuteness. But who says there’s ever too much? Have a look for yourself.

Cats are good medicine. They lower our blood pressure just by being themselves. A cat is a well-rounded tactile experience.

Their fur is soft. Their purrs are soothing. They’re very pleasing to the eyes.

And my goodness, are they ever pleasing to the eyes. Their eye-appeal is surely one of the reasons that the internet is going as strong as it is today.

People made the internet, but cats made it popular.

Here is a tiger kitten that seems to be in a perpetual state of making biscuits. His human tucks him in. We’re going awwww already. But we’re just warming up.

His teddy bear comes into view and he reaches up to snatch it and cuddle it closely. As if we’re not dying already, he nuzzles his chin against it.

Many cats just like this one are in shelters waiting for someone to take them home.

Instead of just watching cats you can’t cuddle online, please consider adopting one that will supply you with cuteness and love for years.

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