Lazy cat expects to be pulled across the floor like a king in a royal chariot


This cat looks like royalty and will be treated as such, thank you very much.

Cats may not be treated like gods the same way they were in ancient Egypt, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t remember those days, or that they’ve lowered their expectations.

Meet Clyde, the gorgeous Himalayan cat who knows his worth and knows the place of the dogs that he has to share his living space with.

He decides to give them a chance to make themselves useful, and they are eager to measure up to Clyde’s lofty expectations. Here they pull a basket around the floor while Clyde sits in it.

Clyde doesn’t look completely satisfied with the service.

The dogs keep taking turns. The GPS doesn’t seem to be taking them in any clear direction, and the ride could be much smoother.

But Clyde is like any other member of high society in the ridesharing age. He’ll just put up with the experience and withhold the tip in the app.

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