Golden retriever is an internet celebrity for howling along to popular song


Happy Howl-days from Hugo the golden retriever, who probably has a much better attitude toward Christmas than most people right now.

The holidays, Christmas especially, have been held up as a symbol of traditional American values and wholesomeness in general.

Ideals held “sacred” are associated with Christmas.

With the state of the world becoming more and more complicated, it’s no surprise that we’ve heard people say that it’s been challenging to get into the Christmas spirit.

This loveable golden retriever named Hugo seems to have the whole thing down pat. He just starts singing along to the next tune he hears.

The rest of us are usually wary of Christmas music by the time December 25th actually gets here, but we can’t help but smile when we see Hugo’s performance and his enthusiasm for the applause.

Hugo reminds us that it isn’t presents, trees, and food that makes the holiday spirit. It’s the joys of being with our loved ones, whether they have two feet or four.

It’s cultivating a simple optimism for the future. It’s having a basic appreciation for everyone in our lives.

Maybe we can try to take the Christmas spirit with us into the rest of the year, beyond December.

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