This sweet fox, who had been rescued from a fur farmer, became the happiest after meeting this friendly dog


Look at him, this miracle is Juniper. Լife of this adorable fox was saved when he was bought from a farmer and his life was saved when he was only a few weeks old.

He is very kind and happy fox. After surviving, he was raised by Jessica Cocker from Florida.

The family also has a mixture of Australian shepherds named Moօsse, a fox named Fig, 2 gliders Petania and Peacհ, and several reptiles.

It seemed that Juniper would become friends with the other fox. But that was a wrong assumption.

Ever since Juniper came to their house, he has been closely associated with Moose, the dog.

They are inseparable from the moment of their meeting. They spend all their time together.

They even sleep side by side. On the first day he came home, he waved his tail at her, and they immediately became friends.

Both of them have had difficult days in the past. Fortunately, they both survived and now have each other.

According to Jessica,however there are some differences between foxes and dogs, that confuse the poor dog.

Foxes “lie” on things they want or think is theirs.

She tells, that when she enters the room, she sees that Mosse is lying gloomily, while the sweet fox is sitting on this head and is smiling happily.

They are so wonderful that words alone are not enough to describe it.

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