Paralyzed puppy adorably ‘happy dances’ after his operation


Gobbles the dog was born with a rare condition that makes movement difficult. With the help of therapy, he’s learned to do a happy dance that melts our hearts.

We all love to see a dancing dog. When we learn the reason behind it, it gets a little more heartwarming. This dog, Gobbles, has been through a lot in his short life.

Gobbles was born with a rare condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. This condition makes it difficult for him to regulate his movements and impulses, so it’s hard for him to move.

When he first came to the Resurge Rehabilitation Center, he could hardly walk most of the time. He would drag himself around when it got too difficult.

After a month of therapy, he’s thriving!

We love the way that his backup dancers wiggle in the same way to encourage him. Gobbles is so energetic and enthusiastic. He’s made so much progress in just a month!

Now, he’s more than ready for his dance solo. We can’t get enough of the way his tail is wagging so fast, it’s a blur. Gobbles’s little dance melts our hearts and gives us hope!

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