This young boy spends part of his day with this cat, many of whom are afraid because of his unique appearance


The young man is a shining example to all that all little animals, regardless of their condition,color and breed, and he deserves the greatest respect and appreciation.

Many dogs and cats are abused by certain people every day because they have very visible and serious injuries that are reminiscent of their traumatic history.

They are just angels who want to be surrounded by the love of people who care about them.

Ace is a unique kitten, one of the kittens that has boundless love to give. When he was taken to the clinic, his health condition was at its worst. he had bacteria and he had lost his eye due to an infection.

Ace remained kind after all the events, her outlook on life did not change.

Some people who do not know him, especially young people, are terrified of his presence, misinterpreting his appearance.

Ace belongs to Norma Maikovich, who mentions that she can sometimes scare, especially young people.

Ace does not have many human friends, unlike other kittens, but that changed one day when Maikovich saw that his beloved cat had a special companion.

Ace likes to relax on the balcony in front of the house, her owner has installed a camera for security reasons so that she can follow the baby regularly.

Its owner found out that a young man was constantly visiting the cat. When his owner watched the videos, he was very moved.

Understandably, both have a special relationship that is filled with tremendous warmth.

During his bike ride, Ace found a new friend in the form of a young boy who always stops to greet the cat.

The cat is probably always waiting for his next visit at the entrance, when he sees that the young man is coming, he runs happily to greet him.

They were overjoyed to discover that they were such wonderful friends.

Although some people do not like Ace because of his appearance, he has proved that appearance is nothing in life.

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