This wonderful girl and her super cute dog give all their love and care to this one-eyed cat.


We just dream that no animal in the world to be left out and all the little animals to live with their caring owner, surrounded by love and devotion.

They do not deserve to be treated badly and neglected. Unfortunately, such cases also happen a lot.

Stitcհ is a kitten that, like many other animals, has suffered because of people who have been cruel and indifferent to it. One of the kittens, with the name Sphinx, slightly injured his eye at birth.

The disease was not complicated, it can be treated with some medicine in a few days, but the breeder ignored it, and everything got worse.

He took her to the vet when it was too late, and they had to remove her tumor.

The breeder then decided to leave him in the shelter, as he could no longer sell him for profit because of his condition.

The photo of Stitch saw 24-year-old Pհoebe Gill. She fell in love with this charming one-eyed cat as soon as she heard her story.

She said that she decided to adopt him as soon as possible. It’s cool,yes, buut now the little one had to get used to not only to his new life without an eye, but also to moving to his new home, new family.

It is clear that it was very difficult for him at first. One of the problems was that the girl had one another pet in the house, Alaska, her enormous dog. Phoebe was worried about how the cat would get used to him and adjust to the existence of her big dog.

It seemed to the girl that hre dog would react very badly to the new member of the family. But things took a completely different turn. Alaska immediately accepted him and was enchanted by the charm of a cat. The two good-natured creatures became inseparable from the first minute they met.

They share everything with each other: they eat, sleep, play, have fun together… There is no time when they left each other.

So thankful to this woman for not hesitating and giving Stitch a second chance to live, which she deserves.

She knew very well that it would be hard for a cat with these features and appearance to find a suitable home and caring family, but everything turned out better than the cat could have dreamed. She now has a wonderful dog friend who protects her, helps her feel safe and pampered, and a loving owner who accepts her as she is.

Many should follow her example and understand that all animals need to be cared very carefully, regardless of the complexity of their lives.

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