The perfect chair for you and your cuddle buddy


Tired of her three-legged dog using her as a bed, this designer built the perfect office chair for her sweet puppy.

Simone Giertz’s sweet three-legged dog Scraps always wants to be where she is – which often means climbing on top of Giertz when she is working.

To provide her best friend with a better resting spot and keep her own sanity, Giertz first looked online for hybrid office chair/dog beds.

Seeing that nothing of the kind existed, Giertz decided to put her design and engineering skills to great use by creating a customized bed for her adorable dog.

She designed and built a one-of-a-kind piece of office furniture that features ample storage for her supplies, a comfortable seating area, and two sleeping spots for Scraps.

She even included small stairs to make it easier for her three-legged dog to climb up and down from her perch beside her, giving Giertz and Scraps an ideal office environment.

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