Police dog’s dance-off video is full of fun and laughter


The Sutter County and Yuba City police departments team up to do the Git Up Dance challenge, but it’s K9 Enzo who steals the show.

When the people in their communities need them, the Sutter County and Yuba City police departments answer the call. When they’re challenged to perform, they respond admirably with a dance-off.

These police departments came together to produce this funny dance challenge video that leads to a handful of officers doing the Git Up Dance Challenge in the parking lot – presumably in a dance-off over a parking spot.

The lead-up is great, but the dancing is even better.

The officers twirl, hoe-down, and boogey like they don’t have a care in the world, but our eyes are drawn to the police dog going through the motions with them.

K9 Enzo the German Shepherd follows his partner into the parking lot and together, they turn and step. K9 Enzo looks a little confused.

This wasn’t covered in his training. When he’s unsure what he’s supposed to be doing, he sits down and watches.

It’s hilarious to watch him try and figure out what to do, but he has the best moves of all of them! He steals the show for sure. I think it’s safe to say that Sutter County won this round.

How could they not with K9 Enzo in their ranks?

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