The woman left her job to look for her dog, which has been missing for already 2 months


A couple, Carrol and Wern Kings, had a very lovely dog named Katie. One day the couple went to Montana and decided to take their pet with them who was 7 at that time. As they went to work, the dog waited in the hotel for their owners.

But once they returned to the hotel, they did not find the dog. They were terrified. They checked all the corners of the hotel and the nearby streets.

They dropped hundreds of leaflets in the area. They did their best to find the dog and did not lose hope. Even at night, the owners did not stop searching for pets using night-vision devices.

Strangers also joined in to help them. They created groups on social networks and spread announcements.

Tհere was no one left in the city who did not know about the loss of the dog.Carol even had to quit her job for her pet.

The owners spent almost 2 months looking for the dog. But they did not find him.

And then one ordinary day their phone rang. A man reported that a dog was sitting in his yard, which looked very much like the lost dog in the photo.

By the time the couple reached the address, the dog had already escaped. They began to walk along the neighboring streets, questioning passers-by.

One man said he saw a similar dog not far from here.

At that moment, a woman approached the couple and showed them the trees on the opposite sidewalk. The family saw their missing doggie there.

They hurried to him, and started hugging him. The couple was crying and shouting joyfully. Even cars passing by on that street stopped to see what was happening.

When everyone knew why they were so happy, they started clapping for their reunion. The dog was immediately taken to a vet. He looked very emaciated, exhausted and careless. The doctor said that their pet was dehydrated and that he had lost 5kg during that time.

Even the doctor who examined her , recognized Katie at once, because everyone had heard her story and she was very popular in that area.

Now the dog has fortunately been able to recover mentally and physically and leave those sad days in the past without his beloved family.

The owners are still trying to forget the cruel days they spent during those two sleepless months. They are only happy now that it is over and they are together again.

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