The cat was terribly frightened when they took him to a foster home, but this kind dog helped him overcome his fears and to get used to live with people.


The story is about a wonderful friendship company. Here’s how it started. A cat was brought to a foster home.

He was terrified when he found himself there, and at first he cried incessantly, not realizing where he was.

Eventually, the kind dog’s caring attitude helped him overcome his fears and confide people.

The animal shelter worker, named Kendal Benke was the first to meet the cat and gave this beautiful name , Betty.

At first it was even hard to say whether he was a boy or a girl. She had to use a thick towel to hold the kitten in her arms. All because he once bit his hand.

The woman decided to take Betty home with her to help her adjust.

As she told, the main thing in raising wild cat is that he should be a part of your daily life and gradually get used to the environment.

Kendal put the kitten Betty in a large dog cage in their kitchen.The kind dog generally took care of the cub, treating it like a full family member.

Kendall said that in the past, Truvini was obviously had been the mother of kittens. She just manages everything perfectly.

The woman grabbed Betty by the towel and stroked her head. She did anything to help the kitten get used to the environment and interact with them.

Betty finally accepted the Labrador’s friendship and became bestfriends with him.

Besides, the cat started to leave the cage, but only walks with the big dog and does not leave her side.

The cat then left the foster family and was adopted by a good family in the footsteps of an eternal home. Kitten’s new owner is Rose.

According to Kendal, they successfully found each other and get along very well. Due to Kendal and her dog the kitten totally got used to living with people and confiding them.

And when they miss each other, visit each other or Rosa from time to time sends photos of the cat and tells about her life and new developments.

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