Cats, purring, and piano music — the perfect recipe for relaxation


Cats, purring, and piano, the perfect recipe for relaxation. Watch as this adorable kitty gently falls asleep to the soothing music.

All cats have their own favorite spot to lie: on the windowsill, on the stairs, our laps, but this cat loves nothing more than to sleep inside its owner’s piano!

Showing us how to slow down, recharge, and enjoy some peaceful music is Haburu, the Piano Cat. He enjoys the vibrations of the music so much he falls asleep instantly.

His owner, Thay, treats Haburu to a medley of soothing piano covers, including melodies from Titanic and a particularly relaxing version of Richard Marx’s ballad, “Right Here Waiting”.

The cat can be seen drifting off as Thay begins to play, only to stir for a moment, stretch, purr, and then shut his eyes again! It’s so endearing!

In our busy world, Haburu shows us that, sometimes, we just need to stop and relax. Between the tranquil music and Haburu’s oh-so-cute stretching, this is the moment of relaxation you need.

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