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The 4 orphaned squirrels find solace and love from their new incredible mother, a cat, who also lately gave birth to 4 cubs


This story tells about 4 little squirrels, who have found a new caring mother. Everything happened in the Bakhchisarai Miniatսre Park in Crimea, Eastern Eսrope.

They were found by one good Samaritan who saved their lives. At the same time, a cat named Pusha had four new cubs.

The park staff decided to see if Pusha would take in the four young squirrels and become their ‘new mother’.Certainly, it was a very risky step, but the cat Pusha welcomed them with considerable kindness and with motherly care.

According to Olga Fateeva, one of the workers of the park, one day some visitors brought these awesome squirrels in a box. At that time the cat had just given birth.

They decided to introduce them to her, and fortunately she accepted them.

At first everything was not so smooth and easy .

Pusha adopted the little babies, but it was do to their natural instinct that they started to fear from their new mother.

The squirrels took some time to accept Pսsha as their mother, her 4 cat brothers and sisters, who were bigger twice from their size.

But it didn’t took long before they adapted and became part of a large and beautiful family.

Now the 4 squirrels, the 4 cubs and their caring mother Pսsha spend their time eating, playing and sleeping together and of course the most important one – hugging each other.

They chase after each other, play, or fight for milk. This new sweet family is simply wonderful.

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