Horizontal box becomes “cat launcher” for funny feline


A cat looks like it is stuck in a long cardboard box, but that is not actually the case. Whether it wants to be left alone or play is unclear, as the man launches it repeatedly out of the box.

In a bedroom a man stands in his pajamas, holding nothing but a long horizontal cardboard box. On a quick glance there seems to be nothing inside the box itself, but for some reason he is swinging it slowly, gently, and with purpose.

Popping out from the end of the box is a cat that lands on the bed masterfully. She jumps back into the box right away, turning quickly as she lands.

After the cat launcher has been reloaded, the man rotates the box 180 degrees so that the cat’s face would be facing the bed once again.

Once properly loaded, he swings it and the cat jumps right back out.

The man and the cat work together to form a very cute and fun performance. Well done, guys. That looks like a lot of fun (for the right cat of course!) Some of my cats would love that.

Some would probably never talk to me again if I tried that, so use your own commonsense and respect your cat’s choices.

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