Small dog makes sure wife knows that her husband is truly hers


As a wife and husband snuggle up to each other, their dog insists on getting in between them.

A loving couple seems to be on a car ride to wherever. It seems there are two of them in the car, a husband and a wife.

The wife is snuggled up to her husband’s shoulder and as she leans away, a small dog reveals himself in the background. He appears to be jealous of this exchange.

Quickly he inserts himself between them, clearly possessive over the husband who he gently places his small head against. Then he begins to snuggle as well.

The dog’s tail wags swiftly and happily, even as he stands on his hind legs. He looks lovingly at the husband, barely glancing at the wife.

Every now and then the wife tries to insert herself in between them, just to show how unhappy it makes their dog. Clearly, the loving dog is not pleased. He seems happiest when it’s just him and the husband.

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