On their way, the women found a dog whose body was decaying and needed immediate help


Two women were driving along Bali when one of them noticed a dog bent in front of an empty villa. They immediately stopped the car to check on the dog.

They saw how bad it was feeling and needed instant help. He looked malnourished, most of his hair was missing due to itching. His skin was in a very bad condition, extremely bad.

They gave her food and water, they were very gentle so that she would not be afraid and run away in the cars.

It would be very dangerous for her. They eventually won her trust. The baby was very calm when they lifted her.

It was as if she realized that she was finally in safe hands, that these women were there to help her and save her life.

They took her to a veterinarian, where it was confirmed that she had itching, eye infection too, which fortunately would be easy to cure.

They then took the dog home so that they could take care of him in a comfortable environment while he was recovering. They decided to name this sweetie Lսcy. Lսcy’s life is still a mystery, the days to come will finally be the happy days she deserves.

After some time Lucy, became very friendly. She likes to be hugged and become friends with other dogs very quickly. A month later Lucy finally found her eternal home ․

A loving couple named Matt and Brianոa from Washiոgton adopted a baby. His transformation just seems unbelievable. Now she will have a life full of happiness and infinite love.

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