Being removed from the bait ritual the Sweet Dog is finally saved and freed from the monsters with human faces


Rike, the founder of the Reggie Friends rescue team in Hoսston, saw a heartbreaking photo of a dog sleeping in a dirty armchair outside.

He decided to go and get her right away. He appeared in a very dirty parking.

By the time Rike arrived at the gas station, it was already dark and in one of the safest parts of the city, but he refused to leave without a dog that needed his help, but he could not find it anywhere.

The next morning, 2volunteers returned to look for him. They started knocking on the door, asking people about him. But no one had seen him, no one.

And then finally this little poor doggie appeared. Finally they found him. He was lying on the bench, which is visible in all the photos.

Rike met the other volunteers at the gas station. They decided to bring him to a rescue center.

At first glance, they all thought that dog,whome they named Anikeո, was just a malnourished dog on the street, but in reality his condition was much worse than it seemed to be.

When he came to BlսePearl Emergency Pet Hospital, they discovered even more problems with Anikeո. He was covered with ticks. This put a horrible strain on հis organs.

The medical team was concerned about something else: Anikeո had been used as a bait dog. The poor dog was used a lot for the target practice.

Aniken has a lot of scars, wounds that do not heal. The invasion of lice worsened the situation. The wounds that needed to be healed were infected.

Anikeո had a long way to go. Since he had to stay in the medical center, one of the nurses there wanted him to feel as calm and secure as possible, so she gave him an elephant to befriend him.

Anikeո was not recovering at all, but he understood that this stuffed elephant meant that he could start bonding, that his life could start all over again,and thus time it should be at peace and joy.

When Anikeո began to heal, she made her way to the foster home. And guess who came with him. Yes, his stuffed elephant.

He will finally live in a safe place and will not be subjected to cruelty.

No one can say for sure what the dogs remember or what they leave behind.

But one of the highlights was that the cruel days of the dog behind the gas stations on the dirty armchairs were a thing of the past.

The cruel and cold days were over. He will finally find such blissful love and peace in his new home.

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