This lion and this man who is his guardian have been friends for more than a decade


Have you ever heard of lion-man friendship before? Sounds weird at first glance, right? But after this story you will change your opinion and ideas about this issue.

This story is the story of Frick von Salms and the lion named Zion, which are very fascinating.

This man can be said to have spent his whole life in Soutհ Africa, on wild cats. However, the man met Zion more than 11 years ago, and since then they have been together and they are real bestfriends.

This lion of African descent, was sadly born in captivity, had to separate from his mather because his life was in danger.

So von Solms was there to take care of him because he was still a baby lion who had no one.

This man taught the giant creature to be gentle and friendly, surrounding him with warmth and love.

Voո Solms has always been very kind to Zion. He even always takes off his shoes when he wants to go near to lion, because the sound of shoes on the ground disturbs him.

Von Sloms said that his relationship with Zion is very rare, but he shows by his behavior and attitude that different attitudes can change the essence of any wild creature.

Everything depends on the attitude of the people.

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