This cute and courageous baby cat got so much in touch with his bestfriend dogs that he started to consider himself a dog too


A cat named Lincoln has three befriends, these huge dogs.

Besides, after a while he started to think that he is a dog too and consider himself one of them.

When Jill Whitley brought the baby home, she was so worried about how the 3 dogs would perceive and accept her.

Suprisingly, Lincoln quickly became friends with giant 4-legged dogs. They immediately fell in love with the little cat and started to take a good care of him.

Their friendly behavior affected the cat, who began to consider himself a big dog. One of the results of it is that that every day he walks on a leash, eats from a large bowl with his friends, obeys orders that he enjoys.

Lincoln instantly became the leader of a gang of dogs.

He was never afraid of an ounce. He is not interested in the fact that he is only a 3 kg cat. He plays with dogs as if he were like them.

When Lincoln walks down the street with his bestfriends-dogs, he shocks many passersby, who look at them in amazement.

In fact, many Danes are frightened because they are so big and there is a misconception in society about them and their behavior that does not correspond to reality.

On the contrary, they are very gentle, loving creatures that communicate very well and kindly with humans and other animals.

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