Talking husky throws bowl demanding for waffles


Key, an adorable Siberian husky, sure loves his waffle treats. The fluffy husky can barely keep calm upon hearing that his human is preparing waffles for him.

You can almost hear him talking, demanding the yummy treats. He even brings his bowl and throws it at his owner so that she can serve him the delicious waffles.

He certainly doesn’t care how hot the waffles are, seeing how impatient he gets waiting for them to be ready. Regardless, he still waits for them to cool before his owner finally serves him.

You can tell it takes a lot of self-control for him to avoid eating the hot waffles. Not to mention how impatient he gets. Either way, we have to commend him for the discipline he has.

Once he has been given permission to go on and enjoy the waffles, he takes the snack to the living room, where he hastily chows it down and heads back to the kitchen to demand another piece.

He tosses the bowl at his owner for the next piece and heads over to finish it up in the living room. It doesn’t stop there because he comes back for more. Keys acts like he’s throwing a tantrum when he’s told he’s having no more.

It’s incredible how Keys behaves like the intelligent dog he is. We certainly wouldn’t mind seeing him converse with his owner demanding more treats with so much energy and enthusiasm.

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