Senior St. Bernard gets the pampering she deserves at the groomer’s


Grooming a senior St. Bernard, like Daisy, takes extra care and effort and this groomer knows exactly how to provide that. Vanessa De Prophetis of Girls With The Dogs talks us through a grooming session with Daisy.

Vanessa starts things off with a shower, and since Daisy is a senior dog, she gets to use Vanessa’s specially designed shower for senior and special needs dogs.

Vanessa shares some interesting facts about the breed while giving Daisy her shower – such as the fact that they were bred as working dogs and were very good at finding people who got buried alive in avalanches.

While blow-drying Daisy, we get to see her jowls move in slow motion, a visual that is oddly both funny and satisfying to watch.

Vanessa desheds Daisy twice with two different de-shedding tools, and there is a lot of fur at the end of it.

During the first round, Vanessa even wears a beekeeper’s hat and veil to protect her own face from the copious amounts of fur floating around them.

When clipping her nails, Vanessa has to use both hands to get the job done because of how thick Daisy’s claws have become.

Her ears probably took the most work, with Vanessa having to get in there three times each, but at the end of the session, Daisy looks like a brand new dog!

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