Otters have the funniest reactions when making the wrong choice


Kotaro, the adorable otter, was a toddler when he first played a guessing game with his human friend. The goal of the game was to pick which hand had the treat inside of it.

The treat was tossed into the air, and one of the hands caught it with a quick motion. Kotaro needed sharp eyes to spot where it went. Unfortunately, he guessed wrong most of the time.

It has been three years since they played that game, and since Kotaro was an adult now, he would be better at it. After many attempts to identify which hand had the jerky in it, Kotaro showed no signs of improvement.

He kept betting on the right hand, probably because he was used to receiving food from that specific side. Of course, he would lean towards what he was familiar with.

As an adult, Kotaro was more impatient, and he quickly lost interest in playing. Next up was Hana, the younger otter; maybe she could do better than him.

When they started playing, Hana always rolled onto her back and ignored the toss of the treat. This meant she never actually saw which hand caught the jerky.

Just like Kotaro, she tended to choose the right hand. With a fifty-fifty chance, it wasn’t a bad bet. The cute otters may not be great at guessing, but at least they are persistent.

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