17-inch tiny rescue horse finds a loving home and makes two Bulldogs besties


Peabody is a lovely 17-inch tiny rescue horse who believes he is a dog, thanks to his two French bulldog besties. He is currently living in San Diego at a home that trains miniature horses for therapy and other purposes.

Peabody was born deaf. He was so small that he couldn’t even reach his mother’s udder. Peabody, born with a crooked leg and a bad jaw, was thought by his vet to have a poor chance of survival.

Faith Smith, a 55 years old miniature horse trainer from San Diego, rescued him from being put down and gave this three-day-old struggling horse a new home. He is the smallest horse of his age, according to Smith.

Peabody was highly sensitive to everyone because he had been underfed and ignored by his previous owner. This tiny miniature horse was also really anxious around Smith’s bulldogs.

The best thing is witnessing the heart-melting friendship these dogs built with Peabody. Bugsy, one of the French bulldogs, even watches after Peabody when he sleeps. He knows Peabody is only a baby!

Peabody has become more open and confident than ever. His legs are straightening up, his vision is improving, and he plays around with a fantastic attitude with his doggo companions.

People from all around the world are adoring this baby horse as a source of inspiration. Every day, Peabody’s determination is giving countless disadvantaged people hope for a better future.

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