What boys can do, girls can do better, Dachshund siblings prove


There’s nothing as attractive as a siblings’ match when dealing with pets. Well, this is when either of the siblings wants to prove their position as the strongest while putting the opponent in their space.

This time, two dachshund siblings, Oakley Dokily (the brother) and sister Daphne, took their battle to a wrestling ring in the wiener weight class, not for a fierce fight but to prove that long-held traditions aren’t always accurate.

As the match begins, the black Oakley seems assured of a quick win (probably banking on his gender and immense body size. But, conversely, the brief-bodied Daphne is fully determined to prove a point- gender and weight won’t matter in this race.

Confidently, Daphne jumps into the wrestling ring when the referee’s bell is rung to alert the participants to take their positions in the ring. She won’t care about her volume as she focuses on putting Oakley where he belongs.

At the start, the two dachshunds hold each other in a chest to chest grapple as they rely on their hind legs for support. However, Daphne realizes that grappling won’t be the way to go if she must secure a win.

Later, Daphne charges across the ring as she makes herself ready for a comeback, then stage an attack against Oakley, take him down, and goes for a headlock, leaving her opponent without breath.

Though Oakley manages to escape, he fails to use his size to his advantage as Daphne maintains her stability.

Finally, Daphne gets Oakley pinned down with his feet in the air then looks at the audience to indicate that she’s done with the match.

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