Toddler walks his pug outside their house for the first time


An outdoor experience is a big part of your childhood experience that will significantly impact you when you grow up. I mean, regardless if it’s a total extreme outdoor or just a simple walk in the park.

Those kinds of experiences can hone us to become more environmentally aware and eco-friendly citizens. Traits that are needed the most in our generation.

Another way to stir up the desire of every child to become much more protective in our nature is to expose them to pets and other animals. The best example is by allowing them to take care of a dog.

Not only will they become animal friendly, but their childhood will indeed be filled with beautiful memories and fun-filled moments that they will treasure when they grow up.

This little guy got his chance to walk his fur buddy outside the house near the forested area. It was the first time he would do this, and you can tell how excited he really is.

But the most beautiful part is that these two young individuals are enjoying the time of their life outside, walking, running, and giggling all around.

The little guy’s bond with his dog and nature will indeed create a significant impact on his life in the future.

We can definitely tell that this young one will become a future eco-warrior of his generation.

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