Christian cop emotionally lip syncs ‘I Can Only Imagine’ with K9 partner


Jason Hepler, a Christian police chief in Hollywood, Alabama, and his K9 companion have gone viral online with their spirited rendition of a song by the Christian rock band MercyMe.

Their song of choice is ‘I can only imagine,’ and part of the K9s4Cops’ Lip Sync Battle initiative. Their emotional take on this Christian song has earned them over 690 thousand views on YouTube and 6 thousand likes.

The video opens with Chief Hepler’s big smile as he’s about to lip-sync to the Christian rock song. In another shot, we can see that by his side walks his furry companion, K9 Fox.

In an homage to the song, the chief’s canine companion is also the reverence to whom he’s dedicating the song. When he sings the phrase of walking by somebody’s side, the dog is by him in the scene.

In another part of the video, the lip-syncing officer stands and takes a knee in the presence of his savior, literally following the instructions given in the song.

Positive visuals accompany his lip-syncing as he transitions through various scenarios.

The Christian police officer presents an outstanding performance, as many have commented on the video. Viewers have indicated that his adoration to his religion is perceived in his lip sync battle.

When interviewed, Chief Hepler indicated that he was a proud man of faith, and while he wasn’t nervous about sharing this, he was afraid to underperform while lip-syncing the song.

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