Rescuers’ team immediately arrives and rescues the pitbull with her 8 pups from the torrential rain


When a thunderstorm struck in Soutհern California, Hope For Paws rushed to rescue հomeless Pit Bull, who հad just given birth to 8 cubs.

One family tried to հelp Pit Bull for a long time, but he was too scared and always wanted to avoid people. As the rain began to fall, the family decided to turn to rescuers.

When it rains and the raindrops roar loudly outside, the mother dog is horrified to see a stranger approaching her, but she still does not run away because she does not want to leave her cubs alone.

The rescuers know that Pitt Bull could bite their hand if they suddenly ‘grab’ his cubs. So he starts talking to her calmly, trying to show that he is there to help.

The mother dog does not know whether to trust or not, because she thinks about how to deal with the stranger.

But she gradually decides to trust him and let him save her cubs.

Thanks to the thoughtful gestures of the rescuers, the dog and his cubs finally don’t stay under the terrible rain and find shelter.

We are confident that they will all soon find the warmest homes ever.

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