Passed away the dog, who sat at the window all the time for almost 11years, waiting for his owner to come home


This story is about a kind and loyal dog named Tobby, who waited by the window every day for his beloved owner Roman, to return home from work.

Roman, whose dog died after 11 years living together and being inseperable, shared his dog’s story on social media, hoping to alleviate his grief at least a little.

Roman from Chicago said that Toby was very friendly and sweet, and even when someone tried to be rude to him, he was very nice to them.

The owner added that his faithful dog was waiting for him at the window on the way to work every day, where he spent 8-10 hours.

Toby knew the exact time when Roman would return home and was always waiting for him at the door.

Unfortunately, Toby, who already had cardiomyopathy, ruptured ligaments and 3 major surgeries, had stage 4 kidney failure and cancer.

The veterinarian told him that he would not live that long and had a short stay.

Roman said he had to make the most difficult decision of his life, taking Toby to the vet to put him down because he was in real pain. RIP poor dog․ How sad this is!

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