After acquiring a boat they found out 2 cute kittens inside of it


A family found two small cats in a boat after buying it and transporting them to several states.

The cats did not even open their eyes because the kittens were so small.

After the family brought the cubs to the shelter, they were taken to a foster home because they were too young and needed stable care.

And it was after that they met their foster mother.

They were only 9 days old, but they began to respond with the help of their foster mother, kitten’s warm blanket.

These little furry children, who had not yet opened their eyes, were matched with a proper foster parent who could provide them with round-the-clock care.

One of them is known as curly, while the other one is known as Moe.

They were still underweight when they were 2 weeks old, but they were getting stronger and more ready to explore their environment.

The small pistachio weighs 137grams, while the Moe weighs 121 grams.

Moe hugs his foster mother. Look at those juvenile jelly beans.

The family who discovered them wanted to adopt them when they were old enough, and they were so happy when the sterilization operation was completed.

They have come a long way since their inception, as we can see.

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