A stray cat looking for food suddenly appears in a zoo and finds a real friend


Do you think it is possible to be friendship between wild and domestic “pets”?

Life shows that yes. Besides, if they belong to the same species, it will not be difficult for them to understand each other.

Once upon a time in St. Petersburg, a stray cat was wandering around the city looking for food.

That day was his happy day. He not only found food but also a friend for the rest of his life. The cat managed to find large pieces of beef that day.

He found these delicacies at the zoo, in the cage of one of the amazing species of the feline–Lynx.

It seemed that if the owner of the meat saw the uninvited guest eating his food, he would tear him to pieces.

But a miracle happened: the big cat did not do anything bad to the little one.

Either he felt a special kinship, or he realized that no one cares for the Stray Cat, he is completely alone and is already starving.

The cat now often comes to his friend. She eats breakfast, lunch and dinner with him.

In addition, it is warmer in its cage than outside, so the cat warms itself by leaning on the lynx.As an expression of love and thanksgiving, a stray cat licks its fur. The cat was noticed by the employees of the zoo.

In order not to deprive the owner of the meat, his portion was increased daily so that he would not go hungry either.

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