The woman adopts a cat with a big adorable eyes found in a closed box


A woman from a Chicago suburb found a box on her balcony one day.

Opening the box, the woman was surprised to find a small kitten inside, with a huge cut on its neck, so she immediately brought him to the clinic for treatment.

Veterinarian Elsie fell in love with the kitten only once, looking into his big eyes. She expected her to demand a lot of love and attention.

As a result, she decided to adopt her and named her Porg after the “Star Wars” big-eyed animals.

Rubbing or scratching Porg’s ears and neck with a brush caused large cracks in his skin, which is obviously not natural for a cat, as a veterinarian quickly discovered.

Further investigation revealed that he also had Ellers-Danlos Syndrome, which is a rare and inherited disease.

This is a very unique disease in cats and it is called “glass kitten” because it is so weak.

Cats with this unusual disease have very fragile skin that is easily broken and scratched. As a result, Porg often wears clothes that protect her skin and make her feel more relaxed and safe.

Elsie realized that she was no longer just a foster mother to Porg. He became a full member of her family.

SHe did not intend to leave her, even if it took a lot of effort to keep and care for her. Shee was ready to do all that for her, because she did everything with love.

Growing up, the cat became quite active and likes to play and be active. She really likes to be hugged.

Elsie and the cat are very happy now that they have each other in their lives.

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