The faithful dog and its owner who was veteran, passed away a few hours apart


The connection between the two was simply indescribable.A dog’s and his owner’s relationship is something that can not be touched and described in words.

This story proves its uniqueness.Daniel Howe, an Air Force veteran who became an assistant fire chief, had to stay in a hospital after receiving his first diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

His family and friends went to support him with Gunnar, his 11-year-old dog,best friend, who stayed with his owner all the time and did not leave him for a minute.

Unfortunately, Hov had been in a very bad situation caused by cancer in his last years, and his dog, feeling it all, never left his side.

They were best friends, they were a family, with an unfrogettable connection.Eventually Gunnar also fell ill in the last days of his owner’s life.

The dog also did not respond when Hov did not respond. Gunnar fell unconscious one day, so he was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic, where he unfortunately died.

The most shocking thing was that the veteran died an hour and a half later.

His daughter said that although she was very saddened by the loss of her father, she also thanked God that her father did not have to suffer the loss of his best friend, it would be the most terrible blow for him.

He added that Gunnar had got worse and worse due to his father’s illness. An unbearably touching story. RIP Hove & Gսnnar.

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