The dog, found his mouth covered with tape, met the man who rescued him, and started to wag his tail happily.


It is still so hard to understand how some people can be so cruel and heartless towards animals. This story is about a poor dog whose snout was found tied with a ribbon.

One evening, while walking across the bridge, Bob Helter heard the sound of a dog crying as he approached a nearby store.

Bob went to see where that desperate voice was coming from.

So he went under the bridge to understand. He found a cub whose mouth had been taped and thrown off a bridge.

So he rushed the dog to Griffitհ animal հospital for emergency treatment. Fortunately, they were able to remove the tape, which severely damaged his little snout.

Then they injected painkillers and applied ointment to the wounds.

All the bad things that happened passed quickly and remained in the past as the puppy’s story spread with unexpected speed and he found his eternal place.

The dog rescuer was rewarded, but the man did not take it, as his first concern and goal was to save the dog’s life. How good it is that there are so many kind people.

One day, a member of Bob’s family saw the story and told it to him.So Bob decided to visit the doggie he had rescued, but he was not sure he would remember himr.

The most exciting moment was when the dog really recognized Bob and started hugging him and wagging his tail quickly.

This kind of work done by such people is invaluable. They deserve endless respect.

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