The couple went to the shelter to adopt a kitty, but in the end a unique cat ‘adopted’ them instead.


When Nathaniel and Eliot Greeո went to the Lyncհburg Humanitarian Association for the so-called ‘Free Cat Friday’, they wanted to to find a cat called the Siamese.

They did not expect the beautiful blind cat to choose them.

Their hearts were immediately tied to the Siamese cat as they looked at their adoption site.

Merlin was ready to be adopted for some time, but no one seemed to be interested in adopting a blind cat, even though she was as beautiful as the other cats in the shelter.

According to the shelter staff, Merlin had no problem adjusting to new places, as he was quite calm and liked to be petted.

Merlin had several health problems when the Greens adopted her. She had regular seizures, and her adoptive parents were worried because they did not know what was causing them.

After a lot of research, they found out that he is allergic to wheat.

They started not to use it, and Merlin has not had a problem since. Merlin has a very unusual look. He is Napoleon, a rare mixed breed.

These cats are small, but they can walk as easily as cats who are normal-sized.

Merlin is a friendly cat who enjoys the attention and care of its owners, and the Greens are overjoyed to have found him.

He does not cause any trouble and lives with them like a ordinary member of a house.

Because he was born blind, he has no idea about fear, so he jumps from quite high places.

He does not shy away from or fear people, he always rushes to the door to greet his owners. His favorite place is in his owners’ arms.

Merlin has been living with the Greens for over two years, and they all enjoy their lives together.

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