Singing French Bulldog covers Dolly Parton’s ‘I will always love you’


There are moments in life when all we feel is pure joy. Moments—at the center of our awareness—with nature, good music, and a lovely pet are priceless. A lovely family shares one with us.

Two men in sleeveless shirts enjoying a sunny day drove across a straight road. One of them rocked jet-black shades like a rockstar. Right in their midst was their lovely pet, a bulldog.

Whitney Houston’s outstanding track played softly from the car’s stereo as they drove on in their convertible. The men sang along with the song—I will always love you. The family clearly had an indissoluble bond.

The sweet dog howled, ringing out a higher pitch than the dudes in the car. It was a joy ride with smiles ending in laughter. One of the men whispered in the dog’s ear, and the fun went on.

It seemed like a long journey ahead. The paw friend yawned. They have been on a straight street for a while. Whitney’s song played on, keeping the fun alive. It was a ride.

The intensity of the song hit. Whitney’s pitch-perfect voice sounded loud as the car stopped almost simultaneously. The dog raised its head as it enjoyed every bit of the journey.

The car moved on, and the fun ride continued. The lovely canine received a soft touch. Whitney’s legendary track finally ended, leaving the men and their pets with memorable moments.

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