Adoptive dog dad carries paralyzed shelter pup off to her new life


Dogs are undoubtedly man’s best friend. While the convention has it that dogs are always there to care for their owners and show them love, at times, the opposite also applies.

This was ever so evident this summer when the Humane Society of Charlotte, NC, witnessed the adaption of one of their favorite paralyzed pups. Incidentally, the special pooch goes by the name Sweet Potato.

So, what’s in a name? As Shakespeare will have you believe, a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. Not a bad analogy at all when you think of the comfort dogs provide.

While many staff at the dogs’ shelter adored the pup, she obviously needed to get adapted to a real home, real soon. Sure it took some time, but when it did, it was magical.

Then again, it was also expected since numerous campaigns like the #SelfiesWithSweetPotato hashtag had pleased both volunteers and staff alike. With this approach, the pup got lots of exposure to the world.

Thanks to her condition, Sweet Potato also had to undergo acupuncture therapy plus a host of other treatments. All this was done to ensure that when the moment arose, she could survive in a home setting.

As recently as mid-August, Sweet Potato was whisked away to her forever home by a loving dad who remains unnamed. From the adaption photo shared, the two look made for each other. Now who said, magic doesn’t exist?

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