A military dog who was suffering from cancer ‘accepts’ a warm farewell from his inseparable friend


It was a very hard and unbearably difficult moment of farewell between Senna’ and Lance Jeffrey DeYoung, his best friend.

The dog served 4.5 years discovering US Mariոe Corps bombs .

During his six-month Senate service in Afgհanistan, he and Dae-Young became inextricably linked.

There were many moments when they lived together, helped each other in the most difficult moments and overcame very difficult and cold days and nights.

They helped each other. Sena then consoled De-young, as seven of his closest friends were missing in three weeks.

They were separated and the distance was very difficult to overcome as De-Young was honorably discharged, but the dog continued to work for another 4 years as an active bomb detector.

In year 2014, Sena finally retired and was promptly adopted by her best friend De-Young.

They spent a very special and happy days together for the next few years.

Then, as Sena was unfortunately diagnosed witհ termiոal bone cancer, De-Young was completely helpless anc couldn’t do anything for him.

It was a very difficult time when De-Young decided to spend every day organizind a bucket list after Senna was diagnosed.

De Young wrote about last night with Sena that he wasconfused, he didn’t want to face it,didn’t want that happen, but he will be strong, cause Sena has blessed his life with bliss and love.

De-Young made a touching post about Sena on his Facebook page the day after his death. This is just unbearable pain. RIP Sena.

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