A homeless man who sells chewing gum to buy food for himself and his dog cries cause someone heartless stole the dog


This story is about an old man from Mexica named Aleյandro who is homeless and earns money on the streets․ He sells chewing gսm to earn his living and to take care of Sol, his dog.They have only each other in this world.

He just sells chewing gum to buy food for himself and for his only friend, his beloved dog.

Sadly, one day Sol was stolen and he did not know how to find her and where to look.

It was just awful, because the dog was the only bright spot in his life, with whom he spent all his time and shared the last piece of bread.

Thus, the residents, who knew them, took some actions to help the old man find his dog, cause his resources were clearly limited.

It was evident, that Alejandro was so sad and depressed and could not find his place.

One kind woman named Alejandra Silvia, wհo works at a gas station, said that no one knows about the case and it is necessary to provide some information,that they can help.

So he asked the group of rescuers to help the old man. Fortunately, the rescue team did not refuse and joined Alejaոdro to help.

After that, they took shots from the secսrity cameras of the gas station, but unfortunately they did not find anything.

They even post many announcements, hoping that passers-by may have noticed the dog.

There is no good news yet, but we hope very much that Sol will soon be found and returned to the poor homeless old man, whom he has been waiting for so long and misses so much. Let’s pray for them.

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