Watch ten month old baby girl grow into a toddler with her puppy by her side


Husky is a very famous sled dog that is mainly found in the polar regions. It is effortless to differentiate huskies from any other dogs because of their looks and fast style when used as sled dogs.

They are the fastest dogs in the world and have a very close lineage to gray wolves. They are very athletic and are full of energy. They are usually covered by a thick double layer of copper red, black, white, or gray fur.

Huskies originate from polar regions and are primarily favorites of the indigenous Arctic people. There are various types of Huskies such as Alaskan, Labrador, Mackenzie Siberian & Sakhalin. This dog breed is one of the best in the world.

Teddy is a Labrador Husky who was adopted by a sweet family. They love their furry friends and have two more Huskies and a cat. They are one happy family.

Teddy met Amelia when she was one year old. They can’t be separated, and he is always cuddling her. She also loves to be around him. Both of them play together.

The family goes to the beach, where both Teddy and Amelia have a lot of fun together. Teddy has grown up really fast in a couple of years and now looks like a full grown-up adult Husky.

However, these two still share a fantastic relationship with each other and remain best friends. Teddy always supports her in whatever she does. They love each other a lot and have a great bond.

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