This couple had come to the shelter to donate, but their hearts began to beat fast when they saw this 17-year-old dog.


Being a dog a bit older or we can say a ‘senior ‘means that they are usually neglected by adoptive families, but fortunately this did not happen with a rescսe dog named Rocky, who was 17 years old already,and who finally adopted and found his warm place in this world.

The story began when a kind young couple went to a shelter to make some donations and decided to go quickly to the dogs they could adopt.

They immediately noticed Rocky and fell in love instantly when they saw him.

Rocky’s new mother, who adopted him, just wanted to change the dog, even his life, and make it colorful and memorable. So they took the dog home the same day.

The truth and fairness is that older dogs need to be treated like other dogs, and even better, because they have to have a great life in their next years.

They are no different from other dogs and need love and warmth even more.

The new loving mommie of the dog posted about Rocky on the Internet, saying that being old does not mean that you do not deserve a happy life, she also advises the society to adopt older dogs more and sets an example for all of them.

What a joy it was to be adopted by a completely random, wonderful couple who had come to the shelter to make donations, but it was the happiest day of the dog’s life!
You agree, don’t you?

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