The cat with 4 ears and 1 eye is saved and finds its eternal home, finally getting rid of his wandering life


This is Frankk, who was born with 4 ears, under tհe suburban house where they were found with his sister.

Georgy Anderson, Fraոkie’s owner, tells us that he was born under the peripheral house.

If they didn’t find them in time, they would be dead, because they were only him and his sister who were alive.

Frankki and his sister’s householders visited a long time to communicate and feed them before moving to shelter for medical cure.

Of course, people at first see his four ears while seeing him, but he also has a big bite, which gives a corner of his face.

He had two eyes, but one of them exploded and had to be removed immediately.

Franki also has problems with his back legs, because his knees do not fold correctly.

There was a need for knee surgery to correct the joints, but as the owner sad he was saving it to do it for him, because it’s quite expensive.

He also received dental aid to bring his lower gum height to several millimeter of the gum.

The removal of the eye saved his life, because the infection would be caused by the degree that he would die.

He tells us that he worked at the animal shelter when Frankie came.

The most attracted him his charming personality, he studied around him And he just expected love and care from him.

He was a unique cat and his nature was different from all cats.

The small ears of the front have a slight effect on his hearing because they operate almost as headphones for his usual ears.

He is well adapted to his sole eye, although his nigհt vision is not as good as his other cats. His back legs make him walk with his front legs but they don’t hurt him or don’t limit his ability to play or jump.

He also finds hard to eat wet food because he can’t catch that food firmly. He only feed in a dry food and learned to take it with his tongue and bring to the mouth․ However, despite all the difficulties he has a family and friends who love him , who do not let him feel alone.

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