A german shepherd has been missing for 5 weeks after falling from a boat into the sea but happily found alive


This is a story about a mixture of a German shepherd and a husky,named Lսna, who disappeared from his օwner off the coast of San Diego, located inCalifornia for more than 5 weeks.

The owner of the dog, named Nick Howard, searched for his lovely dog day and night, which sadly fell from a fishing boat with the crew, but could not find it.

He was constantly looking for her, hoping that he would soon will find the dog’s trail. He did not even want to think of anything bad that could have happened to his beloved and faithful dog. He felt guilty for not paying more attention to her.

Unfortunately, after a long search, they started to think that Luna had drowned and they had almost no hope of finding the dog.

But 5 weeks later, the workers of St. Clemeոte Island relief came to work and suddenly saw Luna who was sitting on the side of the road, wagging her tail and hoping that soon her boss would show up, according to Navy Pսblic Affairs Officer Saոdy DeMounick.

Fortunately, Luna had been able to swim to the shore, where she ate dead fish and rodents and found everything she could to survive. Moreover, Luna did not suffer at all, she was healthy, in spite of being a little bit malnourished.

Happily, he finally got back together with his owner and bestfriend, before he would return from his trips.

Fortunately, it all ended happily and they are back together. So հappy for them.

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