The starving dog who hardly survived by eating branches and stones, now has become very happy and հealthy.


The story of today’s hero is just seems so unbelievable.

The poor dog, who just a few months ago ate branches and stones, is surely going to have a happy future.Can you imagine, that Alex at that time weighed only 43pounds.

He was so emaciated when, the director of the Soutհern Animal Fund, Dina Theis , saw the photo of him, she was amazed that he was still alive despite his appearance.

He knew he would not survive long until he was immediately evacuated from the shelter, so he did so without wasting time.

An X-ray showed that Alex was so desperate to find normal food that he ate stones and sprigs to fill his stomach somehow and survive.

His health initially deteriorated a lot. Alex’s severe hunger set him back when his stomach reacted to the food he was receiving.

After starving for a long time, it was another blow to his stomach.

He had to have urgent surgery to remove the useless objects and get out of the dangerous situation. Fortunately, the resilient dog was miraculously saved.

After he recovered enough and was no longer life-threatening, he was taken into care by Diane Landin.

When he met Alex, he immediately fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. The dog also fell in love with him.

Living at home with her, he gained 10pounds in the first week.

His eyes are bright and happy now that he has found an eternal home with Landin, his new siblings.

Now Alex is smiling in every picture. He is really happy. All the bad thing is in the past.

Landin says he is now almost 80 pounds already. He has this incredible joy for life and He always gives us joy too, which is so wonderful.

We are so հappy to see him miraculously recover.

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